Friday, January 2, 2015

Why, Google?

Web browser. Search Engine. Operating system. Solar panel investor. Self-driving automobiles. Blogger, pictures, Youtube. Google is the shit. Google has been my go-to for so many things for most of my life on this planet. However, 2014 was a rough patch for me and the company products.

ugh...shut up!
In 2013, Google had Asus release the Nexus 7, a sleek and sexy, well-built tablet that ran the most hardcore, least-altered version of its Android operating system. Not to mention it cost 1/3rd the cost of an iPad!! Back then, I wanted one so bad I almost killed a man. Then I got one, and sold my HP THRiVE, which was a shame because THAT device had both an SD slot AND a regular-sized HDMI slot. I was happy with my purchase for a solid 2 years. Awesome device for the gallery, which interacts with your Google Photos and Picasa and makes the device awesome for showing off your galleries, synchs notes with the Notepad application, Gmail works flawlessly, and the case I got was a cover, stand, and also power-saver. Long battery life, snappy applications. And then, in November 2014, Android rolled out with the Lollipop upgrade, and everything went to shit.
...but it WORKS!

This update, in my experience, is worse than the notorious Windows 8.1 migration, and probably the worst operating system update ever released. Lollipop is so bad that I've deleted all data and reset to factory settings 3 times now in the 2 months this shit upgrade has been released. Lollipop has tons of known issues, such as battery life (no problem for me) and wi-fi issues (random drops) to just overall sucking really badly. My biggest issue is that when an app doesn't know what to do, it just crashes and resets my tablet. I was lost in Yokohama, trying to make it to a meeting, and connecting to a free wifi connection and BAM! Google Maps had had enough. Sitting on the train, using the Notes application, writing a checklist of what I'd do with my mother when she came to visit? BAM! Forget that shit, we're gonna reset on you! I've kept the tablet in pristine condition, and deleted apps I don't use, in addition to doing 3 factory resets, yet this device still crashes. This is worse than the most unstable PC I've ever used. Convenience is completely ruined when you have to wait for your dysfunctional device to reset every other use. My 5 year old Windows 8.1 laptop has been in a sleep/wake cycle for almost 2 months now, with no hard resets or shutdowns, and it's fine.

it was SUCH a sexy device...what the hell did you do to it?

The Nexus 7's Lollipop (Androi 5.0) performance is so bad that I'm selling my Google stock and buying an iPad. I'm done with this. Don't release the 'upgrade' unless you're finished, Google. I will still enjoy using you search engine, blogging service, and Youtube of course, but my Android days are over. I will save the extra 300% to buy an Apple device because my iPod has outperformed my tablet, despite being 2 years older.

Update: They released the latest, much-needed Lollipop update, which reminds me of something: updates. I have about 30 apps, after constant grooming to remove unused ones like games. I also turn the tablet to airplane mode to save battery power. At the end of the day when I turn back on my device, I'm greeted by usually 2-3 updates. Per day. I've been lost in Tokyo, finally managed to find a wifi connection only to to wait 2 minutes for the updates to download before anything becomes usable.

This sounds like first world problem griping, but I just wasn't having these issues before that damned Lollipop. I'll get back after some time about how the January 2015 Lollipop update treats me. Is anyone else disappointed?

February update: Apps still update and bog down the system before anything useful. This operating system still sucks. iPad works great!

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