Friday, June 12, 2015

Game plan: 1,2 out 1 in

Not my collection exactly, but you get the idea.
I am in trouble. Between my $50/yr Playstation Plus and $50/yr Xbox Gold memberships, I have a flood of games. I'm reaching the 200-game mark of free games for both systems, and there are still attractive games out there that I want to buy. Also, with summer hitting, my dedication to the hobby is going to drop. My plan to keep my collection from spiraling out of control is to beat-and-delete 2 downloaded free games, and then finish-and-sell 1 disc-based game before I pay for a new game, of course avoiding the full 59.99 at all costs (<-- see what I did there?). is a great place to make sure not to pay full price for games. There are 2 titles I'm looking forward to: Final Fantasy XV and Rainbow Six.

Choosing 6 games from my expanding library is no problem, but this leads me to minimizing collections. I've moved in and out of the USA to Korea, Thailand and Japan, in addition to 4 addresses in Washington. Every time, my collections become more of a burden, and loses both financial and sentimental value. 7 years ago, before Thailand, I threw away 150 DVD cases and almost 100 game cases, reducing it to two DVD binders. In the 10 years I've pinged around Asia and Washington, I've never had the bookshelf to proudly display my library of titles. I am glad I made the decision to ditch the two boxes of plastic. DVDs were replaced by BluRays, and now it's all digital; you can use that space to hang photos, or art that you traded with a friend, or drawings from loved ones!

Impressive collection, but let's calm the fuzz down, here...
Games are much more time-consuming than movies, so it's incredibly unlikely that you'll have time to go back through your old favorites with 10- to 100-hour stories. If you're keeping it as a collector's item: more power to ya! But, there is a dearth of free-or-near-free games out there, through the console subscription services, and also emulation. So before you buy another bookshelf or storage bin for that musty collection of games or movies, get some loved ones together and reminisce over your favorite scenes and moments, and then sell/donate those puppies!! Your investment in a collection makes you want to build it more and more: when do you stop?

At this point, I've made my case for movie and game collections; I still have an art collection of stuff I purchased overseas. These two plastic bins have been cumbersome to move, leave with friends, and otherwise store, and I've never had a chance to display most of it. This is my own hypocrisy and burden I refuse to part with.

However, you may still find another collection to minimize with my 3 out, 1 in policy. What's your collection?

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