Monday, March 5, 2018

Gaming Marches on...

Whoosh! In the last few days of Black History February, I ran across an article that mentioned March being Women's History Month. That fact had whooshed right by me for all my time on this planet! This comes as a relief because I spent most of February reading and whittling away at trophies on games I'd already started. Luckily, there are quire a few games with leading femmes left in my library that I never got to. While there are certainly a list of reasons to play these titles independent of playing as an underrepresented badass, it's just the perfect month to repeat January's theme! This time, I'll do my best to start Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and Broken Age. Finishing 2016's Doom for the second time also reminded me how much I need to play Metroid Prime, which is also on my plate in March.

I'm also taking a single graduate-level course that is more homework than I've ever had, so let me just hide behind that as my recent drain on free time. It's for the better, as is calling attention to games with girls! Play on!

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