Monday, November 7, 2016

Well, I thought it was cool...

Disclaimer: I will not spoil the story more than what you find out in the first 15 minutes of playing. I beat the newest Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare, over its release weekend. The single player campaign is short and pretty damn cool. I really don't understand the online hate for this game; the game is fun, the controls are tight, and the graphics are very very good.

I just can't take this guy seriously...
The setting is a few hundred years in the future, when we have colonized a few of the planets in our solar system. The force you fight has a really cool-looking military, but its "ruthless" leader is a bit of a wuss. I say that because I never found Kit Harrington (John Snow from Game of Thrones) particularly threatening with a giant sword, he's even less so in this game. He just looks like an Ewok: beady-eyed, soft-faced, fuzzy and slightly-confused-looking. That aside, I liked the other characters' soldier-talk, camaraderie, and even some of the corny military values. And your ro-bro, Ethan, is totally awesome.

I played Battlefield 1 two weeks before this came out, which was also quite a spectacle, but the aiming feels swimmy, as it always has with the series. Infinite Warfare has really responsive snap targeting that give your assaults a special pop for each kill. As with all shooters, I can barely distinguish the weapons, but the bullet-alternative energy weapons make shredding robots to bits a lot of fun. Toss in wall running and double jumps, and this game feels like playing pilots in Titanfall, which is not a bad thing at all. And space combat is an absolute pleasure.

This game has a graphic or two...
The game will eat a large section of your harddrive to install, but the loading time is minimal, and I didn't see any re-used faces among the hundred or so soldiers you interact with throughout the campaign. My PS4 also doesn't get as noisy as playing Doom or Wolfenstein, so this AAA title was also put together well.

Zombies in Spaceland is my least favorite
mode, but it's not bad!
I really like CoD: Infinite Warfare, and I have a suspicion that all the hate for this game is related to the $50 season pass they're selling at launch, that gives you access to the next 4 expansions, making suckers shell out over $100 to play everything. The game is divided into 3 parts: the single-player campaign, the predictably classic multiplayer, and the co-op Zombies mode. The devs did trophy hunters a favor here: the only collectibles are to find every weapon in the campaign, which are outlined in yellow as you come across them. For multiplayer, you only have to win 5 matches. I think the co-op Zombies mode is pretty hard, but I think I can have the platinum trophy without too much grief before FFXV comes out at the end of the month, my only other huge release left in 2016. I'll let you know how that goes!

What do you think about the game's modes? What do you love or hate about this game or series? Do you think zombie modes are as played out as I do?

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