Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Games of 2016: Fall stuff

Mom came to visit!
September 6th marked the end of PAX, and any major time obligation, as I'm taking some time out of the work force for myself. That means a whole lot more gaming! While I spend about 8 hours a day cursing at the screen, I've also had quiet reflection time, reading, and going to the gym 3 days a week. Frugally, I'm doing another freezer/pantry cleanout, and managed to get through 3 weeks of September with only $50 or so spent on groceries, including junk food for hanging out. I think the biggest stress is feeling guilty about all the things I'm not doing while unemployed, like earning money and working on relationships, but ahh well. I'm still keeping away from the slippery slope of graduating laziness, and will get back on financial track.

September's game time was half devoted to Overwatch, and the rest of the time spread out among Lords of the Fallen (free, PS+), Gems of War (free-to-play), Guitar Hero Live ($38 game+guitar bundle on sale), Kill Strain (free-to-play) and some new games Qurare (free-to-play), Furi (free, PS+), and Gone Home (free, PS+).

Overwatch is getting on my nerves. The unlock system is crap, and the ever-persisting problem with competitive games looms. That's right, you win 2 rounds in a best 3 out of 5 game, and one of your team members quits. Everyone's screwed because Blizzard couldn't think of a better way to fix it.

Lords of the Fallen was described to me as Dark Souls Lite. The combat requires some patience - take time to block and dodge as you learn the enemies' attack patterns before going in for the offensive. There's a lot of backtracking, and things have certainly become better after a dozen hours of gameplay.

Ahh yes, Gilgam--hoooly shit!
Qurare is a mobile anime card game that was ported to PS4. The entire game is so poorly explained that I'll have to do my best. After mercifully skipping the dialogue, you first run 2 minute through a hall, picking up stuff to level your character, on your way to a battle. During battles, you have 6 offense/defense/effect cards that you actively manage while the computer controls your actual attacking. I skip the dialogue because it's filled with vapid nonsense. The context is that you're all (crazy hot) librarians that are finding codices (the cards you control) who are all based on literary characters. I'm currently trying to beat Gilgamesh, pictured right, with my half-naked busty mummy pictured below, gothic lolita-style Don Quixote, and young sexy nun-healer, in my deck. We can deduce that a bunch of horny developers made Qurare to be played with no hands. The theme of literary references are cool, but have absolutely no resemblance to their inspiration. By the way, you can get costumes to boost XP, gold and other resources. So, if you swap your tall, leggy, big-breasted scientist-librarian's lab coat and turtle-necked sweater for...a cat get extra resources in battle. I actually feel dumber for playing this game, but the trophies are pretty easy, from what it looks like. This game might win an award for shallowest game I've ever played.
If you level her up, she gets more

Furi is hard as shit, with long segments of story between epic boss battles. You can zip around, slash, shoot and parry, and that's it. The 8 or so fights in the game take 10-20 minutes each, and I've died MANY times. Great art style, though!

Just...searching for notes and looking through drawers, shelves and
behind doors to learn about characters. That's Gone Home.

Gone Home was a 2-hour 100% trophies journey. There are no enemies, and one trophy is to beat the entire game in under 60 seconds. You explore a house and learn about the relationships of the people there. That's it.

As of October, I have finally gotten the last trophy for Gems of War, totally at least 120 hours of gameplay. This might be the best free-to-play game offered on PS4, not counting the monthly PS+ freebies. Also, Kill Strain has gotten an October overhaul: you can join games as a party, now, 2 more characters were unlocked for free, and there are some new animations to flush out the graphics. Guitar Hero has a trophy where you have to login 10 days in a row...took 18 consecutive logins to work for me, but at least it worked.

I hope to be more consistent with blog entries, and have great news that after 6 weeks, I will be joining the workforce again!

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