Monday, April 11, 2016

The Force Awakens thoughts *spoilers in episode VII*

Now that this movie is right around the corner for home release, I wanna Jabber-the-Hutt about it. I'd like to start off saying I loved this movie and have already posted on how wonderful a night it was seeing the opening IMAX screening. There are tons of theories out there, and don't let mine replace yours. I have avoided reading other opinions online and have some ideas I want out here, and maybe you can watch it on BluRay or whatever streaming service with these in mind. Feel free to disprove or confirm, though I really want to keep my own ideas and avoid spoilers for sequels.

My knowledge of outside-of-movie cannon is very limited; I haven't even watched the Clone Wars cartoon, which I hear is dy-no-mite!

I think the title refers to Finn. How do you make it through all the military training and suddenly have remorse? Okay, maybe it's his first mission, but how is a sewage specialist assigned to ground combat? I didn't get the impression that the First Order was desperate for soldiers. I think that someone orchestrated that, uhh, career shift so that the Force would awaken inside of Finn in the form of his sympathy.

Where would Finn have gotten the ability to use the Force? Maybe Leia Organa and Lando Calrissian hooked up. We don't know the rules, nor timelines of these relationships in that universe, and neither of the two smugglers seem particularly faithful. Also, if Anakin Skywalker struggled with the light and dark sides of the force, having grandchildren on different sides of the spectrum makes sense.

Rey is too obvious to be the next jedi, and the series would be much more clever with this distraction. What if the next movie starts with Luke saying, "Where the hell is Finn?" "Or, who the hell are you?" or something similar? What if Luke became super bitter and starts training Rey as a sith? It would greatly contrast the chemistry Finn and Rey have if they turned into bitter enemies. Even better if they were reluctant to fight, and the two ended up softening or eliminating the Jedi-Sith rivalry.

No matter how the series turns out, I'll love it. The new cast feels young and fresh, and is a pleasure to watch. It's really nice to get this series made by fans of Star Wars, and I really like what I've seen. There's the added bonus of no-risk because people will pay shitloads of money regardless...if JJ Abrams wants to pull the wool over our eyes for a sweet-ass secret, then more power to him. I look forward to surprises, and will avoid trailers and teasers and advertising for the next movie as well.

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