Friday, February 6, 2015

お久しぶり!Long time, no post! p1

I have slipped into work-and-play mode to the extreme! If I'm not at school, pretending to be a teacher, I've been seeing the sights of Japan! One day, a friend visiting from Korea wanted to see the towers!

There's also a Studio Ghibli store at the base!

There it is: Sky Tree! 634m tall, and the second tallest THING in the world, Japanese people will tell you to that Sky Tree is a must-see if you're visiting Tokyo. The area around the base is called Solamachi (空=sky町=town), though I am disturbed by the "l" instead of "r" in sola. Ahh well, maybe there's a hidden reason. But I digress! The tower is just a part of the background to most places in Tokyo, and I hadn't seen it up close until just's HUGE, but it doesn't feel as tall as it really is. Still a wonderful part of the TKY experience.


The same night, we walked through a CRAZY-COLD Daimon/Hamamatsucho to see Tokyo Tower. You're not forgotten! 

A few days later, I went with some good friends to the Yebisu Beer Factory and learned some shit. Then I drank some shit! The tour is roughly 20 minutes long, 500 yen, and you get two glasses of fresh, smooth beer at the end. Afterwards, you can purchase an American pint of one of six flavors for 400 yen. While there, we met a young Japanese couple and ended up staying an extra few hours chatting in the language. You can figure that anyone else that has time to drink at noon on a Wednesday is gonna be chill.


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